What A Day

I believe Saturday could possibly go down as one of the best days ever for my boys. It started off with Opening Day for North Durham Little League. They got to walk and hold there banner {with their team name and players on it} in a parade. Then it was game time. They played their first game against the Red Sox. It was a really good game and close too. Isaac got an out on 3rd,which I think shocked him. They both did well hitting to the pitches thrown. Micah hit a double into the out-field. It was a great afternoon.

After the game Trevor and I headed out of town for the night to visit with a church in VA and share the vision of City Church. We had are trusty and best babysitter, Whitney, staying with them for the night. She had a special treat planned for the boys. You see she is friends with one of the starting UNC basketball players...Tyler Zeller. And we are HUGE UNC fans {Micah even pretends to be Tyler all the time}. So Whitney being the sweet person she is made plans with him, that included my boys. He came over for dinner, played Wii with them, autographed several UNC paraphernalia and even read their bedtime story to them. To say the least they were over the moon.

We are so grateful for these opportunities afforded to us by leaving so near UNC and having these great connections. My boys will remember this
day for a very long time {with Micah's memory, probably forever}.

{Per usual M has his eye's shut, but its a great pic of Ike & Zeller}

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